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Granite countertops and backsplashes throughout Maryland and Delaware make for some of the most stunning accents and focal points in any home. Whether it’s a new construction in Lewes, a remodeling project in West Ocean City or a kitchen upgrade in Georgetown, there’s a reason granite is the most in-demand material in kitchens and bathrooms. However, don’t assume that just because you’re paying a premium for one of the most gorgeous natural stones around, that it comes with protection—it probably doesn’t. Granite and any natural stone is very porous, and without a sealant you’ll be stuck with grimy, dull, scratched up surfaces that look worse for wear.

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It’s a good thing HydroShield Delmarva is at your beck and call! This one of a kind sealant is your knight in (literally) shining armor, protecting your granite from scratches, nicks, food buildup and anything else that might lodge itself into your granite’s pores. Even better, it’s guaranteed to make cleaning your granite surfaces up to 75 percent faster. It’s always best to get HydroShield added as soon as granite is installed, but don’t worry if you already have it installed since it’s never too late. HydroShield’s innovative makeup can “save” even the grimiest and most chipped of granite surfaces, restoring it to like-new quality.

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Preserving Your Investment

For many homeowners, granite installations are a luxury and an investment. With care and maintenance, granite can last a lifetime—but it can’t do it alone. That’s why HydroShield Delmarva specializes in preserving your investment whether you call Lewes, Milford or Rehoboth Beach ”home”. Living in a coastal town can wreak havoc on your granite, especially if it’s featured on your patio. All that wear and tear, saltwater and even bird droppings can cause muck and gunk buildup, but it’s still no match for HydroShield.

The best granite comes at a premium price, and you want to ensure it stays as beautiful and sanitary as the day it was installed. Buildup can lead to fungi, bacteria and other nastiness in high traffic areas. You don’t want to prep your food, help with homework or work on a craft project with mold and mildew brewing at your fingertips. With HydroShield, you can enjoy a flawless protection that wipes clean and doesn’t leave any residue behind.

In just one easy application, your local HydroShield Delmarva professional will provide you with a perfect, sealed surface that will last several years. Able to withstand the worst offenders, from raw fish prep work to spills and standing water, HydroShield is the answer to all your granite’s woes.

Granite Sealing Delmarva


  • Written 15-year warranty
  • Long lasting protection with a single application
  • Seals the pores where bacteria can reside, making it more sanitary
  • Reduces maintenance by 75%
  • Does not alter the texture or the appearance of the granite surface
  • Prevents damage and staining
  • Outlasts and outperforms all other sealants on the market
  • Eliminates replacement costs


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