Natural Stone Sealing & Protection

Protecting and Sealing Natural Stone with HydroShield

Installing natural stone in Delmarva can vastly improve the aesthetics and value of your home. However, it can seem like there’s nothing “natural” about keeping this surface stain- and chip-free. Homeowners from Millsboro to Selbyville find out first-hand just how porous and prone to damage natural stone can be. However, it remains the most popular choice in outdoor settings, kitchens and bathrooms. When maintained well, nothing comes close to trumping natural stone for durability and splendor, but it’s rarely installed with the safeguarding it needs. All natural stones are incredibly porous, which means they soak up that grease, dirt, grime and food faster than you can shake a cloth at it. This means germs and mold are festering right where you eat, primp and entertain—but HydroShield can keep you and your surfaces safe.

eco-friendly stone & marble sealingHydroShield Delmarva is your local solution for stone protection and maintenance in just two easy steps. First, a nearby expert will apply a quick sealant that’s eco-friendly and only takes one day. This sealant permeates your stone and fills up every tiny pore so nothing can hide, whether your home is known for coffee spills or wine glasses spilling over. Next up? An invisible sealer that “seals the deal” for several years. This layer is incredibly durable, and you can even opt for a solution that enhances the aesthetics of your stone.

Not only will your surface repel stains and damage, it can even make your stone more gorgeous than it was the day it was installed. One-day application leads to an easy to clean surface area that only requires water and a cloth.


Travertine Before

Travertine After

Travertine After

The Natural Look

The closer to installation you have your natural stone sealed with HydroShield, the better. However, don’t worry if it’s been awhile and your surface is already stained, grimy, etched or scratched. HydroShield Natural Stone Sealant System can restore your surface area to like-new status. You might not even notice the fading over time, and you’ll be shocked by how amazing natural stone looks after a HydroShield Delmarva treatment. Your counters and surfaces will be returned to their previous glory and will stay that way for years.

Looking for a touch of added luxury? Opt for the HydroShield Neutral pH Stone Cleaner first, expertly applied by your local HydroShield Delmarva technician, and you can extend the beauty of your natural stone for even longer. Discover what home and business owners around the Delmarva area already have: HydroShield is the secret to show-stopping natural stone surfaces that last no matter how intense the wear and tear may be.

Natural Stone & Marble Sealing Delmarva


  • Outlasts and outperforms all other sealants on the market
  • Offers multiple finish options such as natural look or color enhancement
  • Non-Fading color enhancement
  • Repels both oil and water based stains
  • Reduces maintenance time
  • Prevents surface degradation
  • Eliminates replacement costs
  • 3 year warranty



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