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eco-friendly sealantWhy Lose That New Smell and Look?

Much like your car, that “new construction” scent in Delmarva homes and businesses never lasts long enough—or does it? Whether it’s a home at Bethany Beach, a business complex in West Ocean City or a brand new condo construction in Ocean City or Rehoboth Beach, there’s something magical about a brand new building. Just take a look at the grout in the bathroom. It’s perfect. You won’t find nary a hard water spot on any of the shower doors, and the countertops are the epitome of perfection. Whether you went with granite, marble, natural stone or a show-stealing tile, in a perfect world your home or business would maintain that brand new sparkle forever. With HydroShield, it can.

It doesn’t need to be  new construction—upgrades, remodels, renovations and installations added to a home or business can also achieve and maintain that flawless look with HydroShield Delmarva systems. While it’s always best to get protection in place before you “break in” the home with that first meal or housewarming party, it’s never too late. Protecting your natural stone, tile and grout is kind of like safeguarding your own health: Preventive care is best! Depend on HydroShield’s “best on the market” products to preserve your home or business surfaces.

Talk About a Housewarming Gift!

sealing warranty

No fruit baskets, bottles of wine or candle sets will come close to HydroShield when it comes to celebrating your new home. This unique coating system does so much more than protect surfaces from damage. You’ll also enjoy cleaning and maintenance because clean-up is quick and easy. It doesn’t matter how humid your home gets or how prone it is to mold—HydroShield is your chemical-free, eco-friendly solution that takes less than a day for a professional to apply. You’ll take advantage of a surface that’s water-, dirt- and stain-resistant. All you need to do is wipe with water to clean.

As for those hard water stains in bathrooms and kitchens, those will be a thing of the past. Enjoy luxuriously long showers, and rest easy knowing that even if you depend on well water (which can sometimes be “harder” than city water), those droplets are no match for HydroShield. You’ll still need to clean, of course, but with the All Purpose Cleaner it’s a breeze. Enjoy no streaks with an alcohol-based solution that evaporates in seconds.


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