Natural Stone & Marble Restoration

Don’t replace natural stone in your Delmarva home or business—restore it to beauty that’s even more breathtaking than when it was first installed. Life in Milton, Selbyville, Berlin or Ocean City can be trying, especially when you’re battling that sea air and saltwater to keep your surface areas shiny and like new. Many people are surprised to discover that all natural stones are also naturally porous. They’re quick to soak up grime, dust, dirt, grease and anything else that comes its way. All those food particles, mold and mildew wreak havoc on your beautiful surfaces, making them look dull seemingly overnight.

HydroShield Delmarva is your fast, easy answer for complete natural stone restoration. Hard water and tough climates can make your travertine, granite, marble and other surfaces look lifeless, but reviving them is simple. In less than one day, a HydroShield Delmarva expert technician will sanitize and clean out those “pores”, then apply a topical sealant that permeates the surface. This ensures nothing can fill the pores again and makes the surface simple to wipe clean. This cuts down your maintenance time by up to 75 percent, and damage like small chips, etches and scratches are reversed.

Better Than New

HydroShield can do more than “just” restore your natural stone to its natural beauty. You can opt for special coatings that add to the beauty of the natural coloring, bringing out different hues, contrasts and shades to a degree you’ve never seen before. Whether your stone surfaces are indoors or outdoors, all you have to do is sit back and let your local Delmarva HydroShield experts work their magic. The sealant lasts for years, even under the harshest of conditions. While you’ll still need to tackle some basic maintenance, all that’s necessary is water and a clean cloth to keep your natural stone looking gorgeous.

Stone Polishing

Natural Stone Restoration Before

Natural Stone Restoration Before

natural stone & Marble restoration after

Natural Stone Restoration After







Natural Stone & Marble Stain Removal
before after 2

Chip Repair


Natural stone is a big investment, and unfortunately it doesn’t come with the best sealant—or any sealant at all. Protect the value of your natural stone and, in turn, the value of your home. Natural stone can be a gorgeous accessory for any living or business space, but not if it isn’t well maintained. It can get dull, lifeless and grimy looking quickly. After all, it’s soaking up everything from coffee spills to berry stains. Reclaim the beauty of your stone and keep it that way with minimal effort on your part. With HydroShield, natural beauty is much easier to maintain.


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