Shower Glass Restoration

Does your daily shower in Delmarva feel more like boot camp than a luxury? You probably don’t want to linger long when your shower glass is grimy, foggy, splattered with hard water spots or otherwise unsightly. Unfortunately, those crystal clear shower doors rarely last for long because they’re not protected. Glass is a surprisingly porous material that happily laps up everything you toss at it—soap scum, shampoo, leg hair trimmings, residue from bubble baths and even those DIY hair color treatments. From Bethany Beach to Ocean Pines and everywhere in between, too many homeowners in Delmarva aren’t taking advantage of their at-home spa because of dirty shower doors.

Luckily, HydroShield has the answer. Even water rich in minerals doesn’t stand a chance against this revolutionary, eco-friendly solution. Stop wasting your time with expensive, harsh and useless window cleaners. There’s no way that over the counter products like these can clean the “pores” of your shower doors and keep them that way. No matter how dire the situation looks, and even if you have some minor chips, HydroShield can restore your shower doors to like-new status and keep them looking crystal clear for years. It’s all about cleaning and then sealing for streak-free shine.


“Shower” Your Bathroom with Beauty

The comprehensive HydroShield glass restoration system takes less than one day to apply. Sanitation is achieved at a microscopic level, with every last trace of scum and stain removed. After the pores are cleansed, a sealant is applied that makes shower doors clearer and more durable than when they were installed. The seal actually permeates the glass, becoming part of it and providing a barricade to keep flecks, specks and droplets away. All you need to do is wipe down the doors to keep the surface clean—and rest easy knowing you’ll enjoy less cleaning time leaving more time for pampering.

Take advantage of a HydroShield Delmarva five-year warranty. You’ll never have to worry about hard water issues, that new wash-in color staining your shower door or doing anything besides pampering yourself during baths and showers. Get your bathroom back to what it should be: An oasis where you can luxuriate, primp and relax. That’s tough to do when you’re wondering if that mildew creeping up your shower doors is actually black mold in the making.

Reclaim your bathroom and make sure the focal point is sparkling, clean and inviting. After all, it’s the first place you go in the morning and your private retreat in the evening. Show your shower some love with HydroShield.


Glass restore before

Glass Restore Before

Glass restore after

Glass Restore After


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