Tile & Grout Restoration

Is your Delmarva tile or grout not what it used to be? You’re not alone—grout especially tends to be the first thing to “go” after a new construction or serious deep cleaning. However, with HydroShield Delmarva you can enjoy like-new tile and grout for good. Whether you’re in Selbyville, Berlin, Lewes or Ocean City, no tile or grout is too stained, grimy, dirty or discolored for HydroShield to tackle. Stop breaking your back scrubbing away with tiny toothbrushes and harsh chemicals. A single HydroShield treatment by a local Delmarva expert is all it takes to restore your tile and grout to like-new status and keep it that way for years to come.

There are a lot of things in the details of your home, including how clean it looks. It’s easy for homeowners to not notice the slow deterioration of their tile and grout since it doesn’t get stained overnight. Instead, grime, dust, grease and dirt seep into the “pores” of these surfaces, slowly degrading them until they look dingy and worn. The revolutionary HydroShield Delmarva solution turns your tile and grout into sparkling surfaces in less than one day. Plus, it’s eco-friendly and reduces your maintenance up to 75 percent of what you’re used to.

The New Kind of Two-Step

Tile & Grout Before

Tile & Grout Before

It only takes two simple steps to give your grout and tile new life. First, the surface is cleaned and sanitized so those pores are no longer harboring the likes of mold and food particles. Next, an innovative seal is placed on the surface, filling the pores with a clear (or colored to your specification) coating that also melds to the surface of the tile and grout. This is what keeps your surface looking clean and turns maintenance into a simple “swipe and                                                                                             you’re done” approach.

Tile & Grout After

Tile & Grout After

Are you looking to liven things up a little? There’s a myriad of colored grout sealers available that turn your grout into a gorgeous accent piece for your home. This is a great option during a remodel or reconstruction. Stop settling for unsightly tile and grout, or driving yourself crazy trying to scrub this impossible to clean surface. Your neighborhood HydroShield Delmarva professional is available for a free consultation and to help you select the best colored grout sealant if that’s the direction you’re headed.

Just like accessorizing your outfit or detailing your car instead of just driving it through the car wash, taking care of the details can make all the difference. Is your tile and grout sending the right message?


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