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Buying or Installing Marble, Slate, Limestone, Travertine or even Granite in your home?

Getting your marble protected and sealed in the Delmarva area is crucial, whether you call Dagsboro or Berlin home. It might seem like a really powerful natural stone, but it can actually get damaged the moment it’s installed. A kissing cousin to limestone, marble is created via intense pressure underground. You might think that means it can withstand just about anything, but that process makes it softer and more vulnerable than other natural stones, like granite. Wear, tear, staining and chipping are common—which is what many homeowners from Ocean Pines to Bethany Beach find out the hard way. It’s a good thing HydroShield Delmarva is on hand for a simple one-day application of the perfect sealer.

Marble Sealing DelmarvaIt’s not just big accidents that cause big trouble for marble. Anything acidic, from coffee to berries, can etch the surface. Prone to discolorations and stains, marble simply can’t go unprotected. The daily grind, even in a house of adults, can damage it so just imagine what kids and pets can do! A surefire way to safeguard your surface is with HydroShield’s Marble Sealer System, which promises your marble will be as breathtakingly perfect as it was on day one.

One of a Kind Marble Sealing Protection

Look around and you’ll notice a plethora of “marble sealers” on the market, but they’re not created equally. For homes in Ocean Pines to Georgetown, this is the only proprietary system that offers protection above and beyond anything else on the market. Steer clear of DIY solutions since they often have dangerous chemicals, are tough to use and it’s very easy for a non-professional to do more damage than good. Depend on your local HydroShield Delmarva professional to expertly apply that perfectly thin layer of protection that will keep your marble safe and stunning for years.

Damaged Marble Delmarva

Marble’s quick to absorb just about anything it touches. As a porous stone, HydroShield fills pores, making your marble virtually indestructible. You’ll discover your marble repels spills, never absorbing them, and general cleanup is up to 75 percent faster. You’ll never battle with cloudy rings again, permanent stains from your turmeric-rich Indian curry experiment are a thing from the past, and you won’t be playing referee trying to keep your kids out of the kitchen. Basically, HydroShield lets you actually enjoy your investment rather than policing it around the clock.

Marble SEALED vs unsealed

Marble Protection – Too Little, Too Late?

Maybe it’s been a few months or even years since you installed your marble. That’s okay. What looks like an unfixable problem area is actually easy as pie with HydroShield (with no worry about berry pie spills!). HydroShield can magically repair small chips, etches and scratches, remove tough stains and restore your surface to its originally beauty.


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