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Your shower endures a daily barrage of abuse. Constantly exposed to soapy shampoos and other scum-creating products, this area of the home is particularly troublesome to maintain. Add the mineral-heavy Valley of the Sun water and the challenge becomes almost insurmountable. With glass shower doors and tub surrounds becoming a favorite of homebuilders and interior designers everywhere, the problem of cloudy, stained and damaged shower glass is becoming all too common. Fortunately, the HydroShield sealant system provides a simple and affordable solution.

Micro Phobic

Although glass may appear smooth and solid, in a microscope you would find tons of hills and valleys making it prone to trapping water and soap grime buildup. Dirt, soap, minerals and soap become trapped and eventually this builds forming a cloudy surface. Not knowing how to deal with the problem, homeowners may try using chemical strippers, ammonia or abrasive cleaners. Not only do these approaches not work, they can actually etch the glass surface, causing permanent damage. HydroShield was designed specifically to prevent these problems on glass doors, shower surrounds and bathroom enclosures of all kind.

Shower Glass Sealing Protection Restoration Delmarva

Make Your Shower Glass Truly Water Repellant

The Delmarva HydroShield process applies a protecting sealant to the glass, designed to be effective at the molecular level. This not only protects the surface but actually strengthens it as well. Once applied, the HydroShield sealer essentially repels water. The product is designed never to peel, flake or chip. It cannot discolor and is invisible to the human eye. Making shower glass surfaces resistant to scratching, HydroShield will extend the life of all your glass surfaces.

The unique HydroShield system greatly reduces the amount of maintenance and cleaning required, allowing you to clean the shower quickly and easily with a dry towel. No more scrubbing or squeegeeing, just wipe it down and go. The professional HydroShield technicians apply the product in one simple step that extends the life of your glass and saves you money in the long term. The product comes with a warranty also, so you can relax and enjoy your shower’s clear beauty.

Protection with a single application
Does not alter the texture or appearance of glass
Prevents hard water damage, corrosion, water spots, staining, and etching
Reduces maintenance time by 75%
Eliminates the need to use harsh chemical cleaners
Eliminates replacement costs
Includes a 5 year warranty


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