Tile & Grout Sealing


Life in the Delmarva area can get messy! When’s the last time you took a good, close look at the shower and kitchen counter tile and grout in your Selbyville, Ocean Pines or Lewes home? It’s probably been awhile, especially since that dirt, moisture and grime can build up slowly over time. Even your guest may not be able to put their finger on exactly what’s so dull about your home, but the answer is right under your nose: That tile and grout is nowhere near the sparkling white it used to be. A very popular option for bathrooms, kitchens and floors in the Delmarva area, tile and grout are stunners but they attract dust, grime and food particles like no other. Plus, this duo is always exposed to moisture, abrasives and dirt, which doesn’t give them a very good fighting chance of putting their best face forward.

An Unrivaled Level of Tile and Grout Protection

eco-friendly tile & grout sealingIs your shower tile marred, scuffed, stained or chipped? Is your grout discolored and maybe even harboring dangerous black mold? It’s a punishment to get tasked with cleaning tile and grout, and even hours on your knees, tip toes and everywhere in between with a toothbrush leads to subpar results. What you need is HydroShield Delmarva, a locally owned company that will dispatch an expert technician to your home or place of business around your schedule. In just a few hours, your tile and grout can be restored to its original beauty—and it’ll stay that way for years to come. Throw out that tile toothbrush and those kneepads, because from here on out all you’ll need is a damp cloth for a quick wipe-up cleaning.

Tile Before Sealing

Tile Before Sealing

Tile After Sealing

Tile After Sealing

Tile & Grout Playing Dirty?

It’s no secret that bathrooms and kitchens get the most abuse in any home. Plus, with a relatively high mineral count in Delmarva’s water (and bringing in that ocean salt water to boot), it’s no wonder your grout and tile is looking worse for wear. Mold and mildew have a knack for forming in the toughest to reach areas in your shower, which isn’t just ugly—it’s also unsanitary. You probably don’t look forward to showering in a group, sharing what should be your luxurious “me time” with fungi and thriving mold. However, you also don’t want to douse your shower or cooking area with harsh chemicals in an attempt to tackle the tile and grout “visitors”.

With HydroShield sealant products, the pores in your tile and grout will be cleaned, filled and sealed so you never have to worry about discolorations again. They’ll resist everything from mold to grease, and cleaning these surfaces takes up to 75 percent less time. Less cleaning, less maintenance and more beauty in your home? That’s exactly what every Delmarva homeowner deserves.

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